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Bread Pattern Formers

The Newsmith bread pattern former is designed for the high speed loading of bread roll products into distribution crates.

Product Description

The Newsmith’s Bread Pattern Former & Basket Loader is designed for the high speed loading of bread and roll products into distribution crates or baskets.

The high speed bread pattern former & basket loader has been designed to create basket patterns for loading a wide range of products into baskets or trays.

The basket loader / pattern former can handle 85 packages per minute and organize product orientation into the most complex of patterns.

The basket loader / tray loader can be integrated into Newsmith product and crate conveying systems to provide a complete handling and packaging solution, the Newsmith basket loader / pattern former is designed for gentle, efficient handling and built to ensure robust reliability.

  • Basket Loading Rate 85 loaves/min
  • Basket can be loaded both ways with no change parts
  • Basket rotation on Infeed and discharge for correct orientation
  • Pattern is selected through HMI
  • Pattern editing on screen
  • Servo control on Pusher and Retracting Conveyor
  • Integrated with upstream and downstream equipment
  • Light curtain safety system

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